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Time to Shape Up!

We invite you to join us for the Solle Healthy 2014 year long, healthy living campaign. Start your day with this Complete Protein Meal replacement! Losing weight by focusing on the mind and body by using nutrient dense foods (CinnaMate) to stop cravings, detoxifying with greens (Solle Vital) to get rid of the fat full of toxins, healing his digestive …

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Calm for a better nights rest

Having trouble sleeping? I Cup Epson Salt 5 to 10 Drops Calm Solle Essential Oil Mix in tub of bath water Calm SE can also be massaged into the bottom of the feet or used on pulse points from a roller bottle Also, take 2 to 3 (start with 2) Verdezymes 1 hour before bed

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Boost your Immune system

Does Your Immune System Need a Little Lift? With immune boosting essential oils like cinnamon, lime, blood orange, ravintsara, and pink grapefruit, Solle Essentials Lift can help you fight off seasonal viruses and stay healthy all winter long. It can also provide you with a little extra stamina. SE Lift can be diffused, used in an inhaler or diluted in …

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