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4ward Thinking!

Simple Yet Effective!

One of the keys reason’s behind Solle Natural’s broad appeal is simplicity. Now don’t get me wrong, Solle’s products are fairly complex with powerful formulas that combine tried and tested herbal ingredients in new and innovative ways. And, every Solle product is formulated to simultaneously address the nutritional needs of both the body and mind. But when I use the word simplicity, I am actually referring to ease of use. Every Solle product falls into one of four color coded product categories; lifting, balancing, calming or clarifying, letting you know, at a glance, what kind of effect that product is going to provide.

Lifting products increase stamina, energy levels and improve mental focus.

Balancing products are nutritionally dense products that fortify the body and mind with plants high in vitamins, minerals and adaptogenic herbal properties.

Calming products relax the gut, relieve stress and anxiety and encourage better sleep.

Clarifying products improve digestion, physical regeneration and boost memory.

With Solle all you have to do is look for the product category symbol or color and you know what you can expect from that formula. It really is simplicity at is finest. It’s what we like to call 4Ward Thinking!Solle 4catagories picture

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