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Holistic Medicine is the science of healing that addresses the whole-Dolores ZIP lining in Cosata Rica


It is a system of health care using natural remedies along with conventional means to promote optimal health, to prevent illness and disease.

Hi everyone, My name is Dolores Landry Ancona.  I am the first born of eleven children and grew up in Abbeville, La.     I am a wife,  mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

I’ve always been interested in “Herbal Medicine” and started attending classes in the 1970’s.

I’ve had to travel in order to become “certified” in all the “ologies” that I use as tools in my health ministry.

I am a Biblical Naturopathic Doctor.

With the Philosophy that our bodies “as temples of the Holy Spirit” should be kept in perfect working order, I believe we can only work as energetically as our bodies allow us to.  It has become my mission in life to help people get healthy.

That is why I believe we need to get back to the basic laws of Health.

An awareness of how to prevent illness allows us to earn our most precious earthly treasure – vibrant physical, mental and spiritual health!

  1. At Step N2 Health, we are focused on WELLNESS and offer nutritional support for clients using nutritionally dense supplements.
  2. Your Health is our priority. Our goal is to isolate areas of support and identify which supplementation optimally matches your needs.
  3. After obtaining some basic client information,
  4. Iridology
  5.  Emotional assessment and Bio-feedback are done  to isolate physiology imbalances.
  6. We can then identify optimal supportive protocols.
  7. We DO NOT prescribe, Diagnose or Treat for any specific condition.
  8. We offer Nutritional Support.
  9. We believe that each person is responsible for their own health and with nutritionally dense supplements a greater overall wellness and longevity occur!!
  10. The choice is ultimately yours!


Dolores L. Ancona, BND  is certified in:

  • Reflexology (IIR)
  • Lymphology (IAL)
  • Iridology
  • Herbology
  • Kinesiology
  • Aromatherapy

25+ years of experience in helping people reach their health goals.

Credentials are not intended to reflect  certification as a health care provider in Louisiana. Food supplements referenced do not constitute medically prescribed drugs.


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