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I started seeing my reflexologist, Dolores Ancona, founder of Step N2 Health, because I broke my foot and acquired a “secondary” complication. Swelling, burning, pain, skin discoloration (not associated with the break) is what I deal with now (thank you very much Medical Walking Boot).

Through using the pressure points in my feet, Dolores can work through my nerve pain and calm my sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system (which is the source of my RPS). Dolores can also work on my thyroid…through my feet! Who knew there were pressure points in the feet associated with the thyroid?!

If you suffer from thyroid issues or RPS (or any health problem for that matter), you may want to consider adding a reflexologist to your healing team. If you are in the Lafayette area, my feet highly recommend Dolores. She is wonderful and I look forward to my appointment every week!  

~ Rebecca



Just received this more than awesome testimony:

“I was on Anti-depressants for over 25 years. I am currently 52 years of age. In the past I made several attempts to get off of them with no success.
I than began taking the Solle Natural products.
After about 6 months of taking the products I was able to completely stop taking my anti-depressants with NO SIDE EFFECTS! It is now been over 3 years that I am drug free!
I am so grateful for these products that continue to enhance and support me on my spiritual journey!!
Thanks Dolores for all you do and your passion to assist others!”
You can use my name!
Thanks again!






One week ago, I had left groin hernia repair surgery. I did not fill the pain med prescription. Instead when I got home I took 3 SolleflexPI 3 times that day along with rubbing the AC cream around the bandage.
2nd day took 3 SolleFlexPi at 7:30 A.M. and again at 12:30 P.M. at 3 P.M. I showered, remove bandage and put AC cream over entire incision and twice again before bed.

3rd day 2 SF in a.m. and 2 before bed put cream on 3 times during the day
4th day 2 SF a.m. and 2 at p.m. put AC cream on incision 3 times
experienced very little pain!!

5th day AC cream 3 times and 2 SolleFlexPI at 1;30 p.m.

6th day back to my normal 2 Solleflex PI at bedtime continued to use cream 3 times a day

Saw Dr today for follow up and he is very happy with healing process.

I am so excited to be able to report that SolleFlexPI did a great job as a replacement for the Pain medication!!!!


I have had remarkable results since starting Solle Naturals products three months ago.  My energy level has tripled.  My mood is more positive and upbeat. My sluggish digestive system has improved greatly.  I no longer use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy cream for menopausal systems.  I no longer have allergy symptoms.  This is the best I have felt in years!!!!!!!  I plan to continue this regimen for the rest of my life!  Thank you, Mrs. Dolores Ancona!!!!!

Leah S


Over the past 25 years, I’ve had TYPE II Diabetes. Several years ago, a good friend of mine, Dolores Ancona, introduced me to “Solle Naturals Products”. I started taking the products several years ago, and I have noticed a big improvement in my health. I have been able to control my diabetes, which I had difficulty controlling before I started taking the “Solle Natural Products”.

My husband and I recently were participants in “The Solle Summer Shred & Shed Competition”. I was also a “Solle Lean” participant. We did really well, and both lost several pounds, and we both noticed an improvement in our health.

I feel as though I was a personal winner. My A1C reading dropped from 7.3 points to 5.8 points, The 5.8 reading is the lowest reading that I have experienced in 25 years. My doctor was amazed, and as a result of the low reading, took me off my blood pressure medication and reduced my daily dosage of insulin.

I attribute these excellent changes in our health and lifestyle to “The Solle Natural Products”, especially “Solle Lean & Cinnamate”.

Yvonne Thibodeaux

After Dolores Ancona‘s post about the client with high cholesterol and that success, I have committed to adding SolleMegas twice a day (1) and fiber to my regimen. The bonus side effect has been my fingernails. They have always been ok but I had one that split no matter what. Today I noticed that there is no split! Happy dance. Now, here’s hoping my cholesterol is as successful.


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