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Are You Ready to Excell?

I want to share this status from a friend of mine who works with SolleNaturals, my favorite company for supplements: This is Lon Hudman talking about SolleExcell, their latest product about to be released and one that I had a hand in creating (and if you want a $25 gift card to try it, just message me):

“As I have observed the excitement and anticipation surrounding Solle Excell, it has caused me to reflect on Solle and what makes us unique. Greg and Blake deserve a lot of credit for formulating these amazing products. What they have done and are doing is a great example of true innovation.

Most, if not all, of the ingredients used in the Solle products have been used by herbalists for ages, and yet with Solle they have been combined in new ways creating formulas that work synergistically to provide powerful results. And, just as importantly, they have used more effective delivery methods. For example, I think most would agree that an herb taken in a liquid form is going to work faster than one in a capsule form.

The problem with liquid herbs in the past has been two-fold; 1) Herbs in liquid form tend to degradate over time and 2) Many of the most powerful herbs are bitter and nasty. That’s what makes the Solle products like Solle Vital, CinnaMate and now

Solle Excell so remarkable. We have taken powerful herbs that taste horrible separately (there are exceptions like cinnamon and cupuacu) and created drinks that aren’t just tolerable, but actually good tasting. And because they are sealed in powder form and you mix them up fresh, you get amazing potency.

It’s the best of both worlds and the reason nothing like this has been done before, is because no one has ever been able to make a bunch of bitter herbs taste this good. Just for fun, go open up a capsule of AdaptAble and taste it.
Then ask yourself, how did Solle make that stuff taste like Solle Vital. With no sugar. It’s nothing short of miraculous. We owe it to our friends and neighbors to share this miracle with them. The healing power of plants in a palatable if not enjoyable form. It’s definitely worth sharing.”solle Excell


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