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SolleFlex AC (Therapeutic Cream)

It’s Here! Pain and Inflammation Relief X 2!In the fight agains pain and inflammation, SolleFlex PI now has a companion product. Solle Flex AC. SolleFlex AC Therapeutic Cream combines the very best soothing, healing and rejuvenating herbs in an all-natural, odor-free, residue-free cream that more than stands up to life’s challenges. SolleFlex AC contains the following: Arnica has been used to …

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SolleVital and CinnaMate for help with Candid Albicans

Hanna’s Words: Symptoms of Unrestrained Candida Albicans   “Unrestrained Candida albicans occurs when this fungus takes off all at once.  Candida albicans overgrowth means that this fungus had entered the bloodstream and no longer nests on membranes in the mouth or intestines.  Here are some of the many symptoms when you are in trouble: Generalized: fatigue, joint pains and stiffness, …

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Probiotics are much more important-and versatile-than most people realize.

 Are you taking a daily Probiotic?  If not, why not?  Probiotics are much more important-and versatile-than most people realize. Healthy immune system Improves mental clarity Improves digestive health Replaces good bacteria after antibiotics Helps treat Crohn’s disease Protection against bacterial vaginosis 

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SolleFlexPI AC Cream coming soon

SolleFlex Part 2? For those of you who have been getting spectacular results from SolleFlex PI and it’s unique combination of 7 anti-inflammatory herbs, have you ever wished that you could get similar pain and inflammation relief in a plant sourced topical cream? Well…stay tuned! The next big thing from Solle is coming soon.

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4ward Thinking!

Simple Yet Effective! One of the keys reason’s behind Solle Natural’s broad appeal is simplicity. Now don’t get me wrong, Solle’s products are fairly complex with powerful formulas that combine tried and tested herbal ingredients in new and innovative ways. And, every Solle product is formulated to simultaneously address the nutritional needs of both the body and mind. But when I …

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SolleComplete Protein Plus+

This comes from My Solle Friend Lon, “A little while ago I posted about how SolleComplete had helped me overcome my late night snacking habit. Well, now that I have been drinking a SolleComplete shake for breakfast fairly consistently for more than two months, I thought I might share some more of my personal findings. First of all, my favorite breakfast …

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Are You Ready to Excell?

I want to share this status from a friend of mine who works with SolleNaturals, my favorite company for supplements: This is Lon Hudman talking about SolleExcell, their latest product about to be released and one that I had a hand in creating (and if you want a $25 gift card to try it, just message me): “As I have …

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Time to Shape Up!

We invite you to join us for the Solle Healthy 2014 year long, healthy living campaign. Start your day with this Complete Protein Meal replacement! Losing weight by focusing on the mind and body by using nutrient dense foods (CinnaMate) to stop cravings, detoxifying with greens (Solle Vital) to get rid of the fat full of toxins, healing his digestive …

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Calm for a better nights rest

Having trouble sleeping? I Cup Epson Salt 5 to 10 Drops Calm Solle Essential Oil Mix in tub of bath water Calm SE can also be massaged into the bottom of the feet or used on pulse points from a roller bottle Also, take 2 to 3 (start with 2) Verdezymes 1 hour before bed

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Boost your Immune system

Does Your Immune System Need a Little Lift? With immune boosting essential oils like cinnamon, lime, blood orange, ravintsara, and pink grapefruit, Solle Essentials Lift can help you fight off seasonal viruses and stay healthy all winter long. It can also provide you with a little extra stamina. SE Lift can be diffused, used in an inhaler or diluted in …

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