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The Solle Naturals™ product line is organized into four unique classifications: Balancing, Lifting, Calming and Clarifying. These classifications aptly describe the principal ways in which their products can support the body and the mind

About the Products


Solle Naturals’ Balancing products are nutritionally dense supplements with unique adaptogenic properties. Consistent use will result in greater overall wellness and maximum longevity.
SolleVital,  Adaptable,  SolleFlexPI,   Balance Essential Oil Blend


Solle Naturals’ Lifting products naturally stimulate the body and mind to provide increased energy, vitality and productivity.
SolleComplete, CinnaMate, Lift Essential Oil Blend

The whole “Lift” category explained by Dr Andrews



Solle Naturals’ Calming products provide the nutritional support necessary to deal with everyday stressors that can cause mental anxiety, physical unease and weakened immunity.
Verdezymes, Calm Essential Oil Blend


Solle Naturals Clarifying products are specially formulated to provide increased mental acuity, sharper focus and enhanced physical regeneration.
ProBioIQ, SolleMegas, Clarify Essential Oil Blend



solle healthySolleComplete

Solle Naturals is built upon the fundamental belief that in order to optimize our Health, we must properly nourish both our BODIES and our Minds!

Solle Naturals offers innovative and natural products that are specially designed to improve the health of Both (mind and body). They painstakingly analyze and test every ingredient and formula until they are satisfied that the end product will be safe and effective.

WE believe that each person is responsible for their own health and with Solle Natural products and corresponding educational programs, we assist individuals  in assuming  control of their physical and emotional conditions.

Nutritionally dense supplements  with adaptogenic properties, if used consistently will result in greater overall wellness and maximum longevity.

The choice is ultimately Yours!!

Are You Interested in Solle Naturals as a Business Opportunity?

Like their integrated mind-body approach to nutrition, Solle Naturals believes in an integrated compensation structure–one that is able to take the unique preferences and characteristics of individuals and integrates them into a simple and powerful system capable of changing lives for good in a lasting way.

Solle Naturals offers a flexible, integrated natural health business opportunity, in which you can earn a part time or full time income while helping others realize greater health and vitality. Participants in the Solle Compensation Program are rewarded in a number of different ways and for taking part in a variety of business building activities.Whether you are sharing the products with family and friends, building a network of direct sales professionals or connecting with high volume, independent herb shops, Solle Naturals will be there to reward your efforts.


“I have had remarkable results since starting Solle Naturals products three months ago.  My energy level has tripled.  My mood is more positive and upbeat. My sluggish digestive system has improved greatly.  I no longer use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy cream for menopausal systems.  I no longer have allergy symptoms.  This is the best I have felt in years!!!!!!!  I plan to continue this regimen for the rest of my life!  Thank you, Mrs. Dolores Ancona!!!!! “  Leah S



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