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Services Offered Consist of:



I customize your Essential Oil Blend to suit your needs!

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I work by Appointment ONLY! But this is a very non-invasive therapy for total body relaxation, circulation and homeostasis

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This session allows you to learn your imbalances and decide on an effective protocol.
This is a painless, non-invasive assessment using state of the art Technology.
A hand cradle is used to send digital signatures to the software when placing your hand on the cradle.  The software sends stimuli to the body and the body’s response is recorded and interpreted

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Dense plant based nutrients are used as the source and means to assist the body in reaching Homeostasis

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Kinesiology is the use of Muscle testing to determine the correct herbs and the correct amounts of herbs needed by the body for maximum health


Another tool I use in an assessment. Iridology is a scientific analysis of patterns and structures in the iris of the eye.

With this,I can locate  areas and stages of inflammation through out the body

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