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Aromatherapy employs 100% pure, unadulterated, essential oils. Helps physical, mental and emotional concerns. A Powerful tool to aid mood and emotion.

History of Aromatherapy

The Egyptians were the founders of true aromatherapy practices, over 6,000 years ago and they were the first to begin distilling essential oils. In those times, essential oils were more treasured than gold during these times. In fact, King Tut’s tomb still had the fragrance of frankincense, rosewood when it was opened in 1922.

The Greeks and Romans loved aromatic plants and integrated fragrance into many of their rituals and ceremonies. Indian cultures used essential oils in their medicines and perfumes (sandalwood was a favorite). Persians are credited for the distillation process, which after it was perfected, is still in use today. A French scientist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, coined “aromatherapy”. He reportedly burned his hand in 1912, and with the use of essential oils, he healed with no signs of scarring.

The 17th century Black Plague in Europe killed more than a third of the population. However, those that were immune from the plagues were glove makers and perfumers who worked with essential oils in their practices.

Interestingly, the French doctors wore conical masks that were filled with aromatic herbs, which protected them from the plague. The masks looked like beaks – thus the term “quacks”.

The Solle Essentials™ Lift blend helps bring to mind feelings of optimism and hope.  Boost your immune system and help your body regulate blood sugar levels.  Lift can help you become yourself again!   Enjoy the benefits of cinnamon essential oils combined with blood orange, pink grapefruit, lime and ravintsara oils .
The Solle Essentials™ Balance blend has specific ingredients designed to restore harmony, balance, energy, and sleep patterns. When used in conjunction with other Balance products like SolleVitalTM, SolleFlex™, and Adaptable™, it can help you to achieve overall balance – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Ingredients consist of Lavender,palmarosa, may chang,geranium and frankincense.
solleessential ClarifyOil
The Solle Essentials™ Clarify blend is an anti-inflammatory blend which promotes cellular health that can lead to increased gut health, brain function and decision making. Overcome that stagnate feeling with the pure essential oil blend of: lemongrass, spearmint, rosemary, black pepper, fennel, and sweet basil.

The Solle Essentials™ Calm blend is specifically formulated to help the body and mind manage daily stresses that can cause various physical and emotional health concerns if left unaddressed.  Experience a new day with the increased peace and rejuvenation. Solle Essentials™ Calm has  Chamomile both German and Roman , Petitgrain, Patchouli, Yuzu, Blue Cypress and  Balsam.

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My 6 year old grand daughter came by the other day holding her roll-on bottle of “CALM ” essential oil! She says “Granny I need you to fill up my CALM,  I use it every night before bed.


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