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SolleComplete Protein Plus+

This comes from My Solle Friend Lon,
“A little while ago I posted about how SolleComplete had helped me overcome my late night snacking habit. Well, now that I have been drinking a SolleComplete shake for breakfast fairly consistently for more than two months, I thought I might share some more of my personal findings. First of all, my favorite breakfast shake recipe is 2 scoops of SolleComplete Natural, 1/2 banana, almond milk and 1 packet of CinnaMate. Both the pea protein and CinnaMate curb cravings and provide stamina. ”

(There is already some yerba mate in Solle Complete.) A recent episode of Dr. Oz dealt with the power of pea protein to curb cravings.

Try and find another pea protein product that also contains herbs to aid in digestion like apple fiber, blueberry fiber, cranberry fiber, chicory root, slippery elm, horsetail, marshmallow root and a heat resistant probiotic. Then check to see how many of  those also contain adaptogens like astragalus, rhodiola, eleuthero, ginkgo biloba, rhooibos, and rose hips !!!!SolleComplete picture

Love Love the new SolleComplete Protein meal replacement. It is so low in calories, and sugar I use it as a snack!!

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