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SolleVital and CinnaMate for help with Candid Albicans

Hanna’s Words: Symptoms of UnrestrHanna Kroeger black & whiteained Candida Albicans


“Unrestrained Candida albicans occurs when this fungus takes off all at once.  Candida albicans overgrowth means that this fungus had entered the bloodstream and no longer nests on membranes in the mouth or intestines.  Here are some of the many symptoms when you are in trouble: Generalized: fatigue, joint pains and stiffness, cold hands and feet, increased body hair, and numbness and tingling. Gastrointestinal tract: chronic heartburn, gastritis, colitis, distention, bloating, and gas. In children: hyperactivity, recurrent respiratory tract infections, recurrent ear infections, and neurological and behavioral symptoms.  Often symptoms occur following sugary meals or snacks, when none (of the symptoms) have been handled successfully or diagnosed in traditional ways. In adults: depression, extreme sensitivity to common chemicals like perfumes or tobacco smoke, persistent vaginitis or prostatitis, digestive symptoms, hives, psoriasis, and other skin problems, headaches, lack of coordination, premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea, ‘feeling bad all over’ for no apparent reason, impotence, and persistent jock itch and athlete’s foot and fungus growth on nails.”

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