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The Thyroid


The most ―observable sign of hypothyroidism is a low basal temperature upon awakening in the morning. ( below 97)
Lowered basal metabolic rate is the principal
symptom of hypothyroidism.
Approximately 50% of people with hypothyroidism
are unaware that they have it.
Most cases of hypothyroidism are due to nutritional deficiencies, with iodine and selenium being the big ones.

• Hypothyroidism may increase the risk of atherosclerosis, bradycardia, cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, hypertension, stroke, osteoporosis, female infertility, constipation, memory problems, and depression.

Adaptable must have iodine, selenium, and zinc to function. Magnesium, copper, and iron are also needed to produce T3.

• Herbs useful for supporting and stimulating thyroid function are ashwagandha, forskolin, and guggulipid.

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