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“The Wart Killers” aka SolleFlexAC cream & Balance e/oil

Update on SolleFlex AC & SE Balance,
aka “The Wart Killers.”

“For those who haven’t heard the story, my 8 year old son has been fighting plantar warts on the bottoms of his feet for months. (I know, describing them as plantar warts on the bottom of his feet is redundant.) Anyway, my wife had tried freezing them and had been applying different topical creams with no success.
They kept getting bigger and bigger, until one day after swimming, I looked at his foot and one of them was sticking out about a 1/4 of an inch and was the ugliest thing i’d ever seen. Stephanie, said “that’s it, I’m taking him to see a doctor.” and she made an appointment.
I said, ” well, I know that SE Balance is antiviral, and SolleFlex AC seems to work on everything else. Why don’t you just put those on and see what happens.”
She put them both on his warts and the next morning they had turned black. She kept putting them both on his feet and I can now report that, two weeks later both warts have completely withered up and fallen off.
Yes, he currently has small holes on the bottom of his feet. It even killed another wart that was just starting to appear on his toe. Needless to say we cancelled the doctor’s appointment and nsolleBalanceOilOrder22ow are telling anyone who will listen that Solle has the greatest home remedy for warts ever. Just thought you might like to know.” by Lon H

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