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Why target one Symptom ?????

Solle Line up complete 2014I keep seeing an underlying methodology in most of the posts here, that of looking for the magic bullet answer. I just want to address this, as I think it’s critically important. When you have magic bullet thinking you are looking for the one thing that will fix your problem. Even if you are taking 30 different supplements per day they may be chosen because one will increase X and the other will increase Y, etc. It’s an approach that looks at problems in a vacuum rather than in the complex system that is our body/environment. Magic bullet thinking is what most allopathic doctors do when they diagnose the problem and prescribe the medication. I talk a lot about this approach vs. a more systems/comprehensive/functional medicine approach in my first book, The Fix (amazon if you’re interested). So when you say “I have low X, what should I take?” this is a magic bullet approach. It doesn’t work because whatever low X is, X doesn’t exist by itself. There is a huge system networked around low X and the “lowness” of X is part of that system’s current functioning. For example, having low cortisol and therefore taking something to increase cortisol is usually an indication of magic bullet thinking. There’s a reason your cortisol is low, so find the reason and work on that. This approach is what underlies functional medicine – looking at the body as a whole system and not at 100 separate shots of magic bullets. Okay, thank you for listening, you may now return to your pre-rant programming. This was written by Dr Alison Caldwell Andrews

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